After I told Jessie the story of my Thursday morning commute and that it was a triumph merely to make it to work – and this was a day without ice, sleet and snow – she ended a bout of laughter with “You should start a blog.” 


Julia and I read bloggers’ tales of “escaleftors” and the infamous “rapid reverse” while we attempt to keep each other entertained during what seems like incessant down time in our respective cubes.

I have those stories, too. They may be short, and their actual time lapse may have been only a few seconds, but I always feel guilty keeping the joys of my two-hour (one-way) commute to myself. Surely other people can get a laugh from what I see, hear, and occasionally participate in during the Monday-Friday DC crawl.

What I’m saying is, move over Mr. Rapid Reverse (details to come), my nine-to-five is an adventure, too. My dear friend and former colleague Tim (who is currently being a nomad somewhere in Costa Rica – I think – and whose blog claims “nine to five can wait”) will be happy to know that yes, the rat race can – and should – wait, but it can be entertaining.

If you are in the 1% of DC Metro area commuters who don’t look at the ground while running up Connecticut Ave., or shamelessly shove girls half your size out of your way so you can make it onto the metro (even though there’s always one a mere minute behind the one you just got on), then you have the opportunity to see the daily foolishness and the reason I so often laugh to myself while walking through Union Station.

If you are in the 99% of people who are jerks and/or absorbed in their need to get to work at exactly 8:02 a.m. instead of 8:03, this blog will be primarily about you. 

And if you are in the 100% of people who are my friends and hear my complaints about commuting – hopefully this blog will keep me from greeting you on a Friday night with, “So there was a baby on the metro today. A BABY! Can’t people learn to take their children on the metro in non-peak hours?”

Look for details to come about the Thursday morning commute, the Rapid Reverse, and the Great Sugar Daddy of the Train.