While I haven’t been updating the blog, I have been doing other things… Other very busy and important things…

Like working

And reading here and there

And doing summery things

And well I don’t really have a good excuse. My only excuse is lack of material, really. It seems that every time I take the metro lately something is really annoying me. I mean really grinding my gears. If I wanted to log a multitude of complaints, I would have plenty to write about. But complaints can only be so entertaining.

I could be writing about the physics of the air conditioned train that is a refreshing cool temperature versus the physics of the train on which I hear air blowing, but it maintains 100 muggy degrees.

I could write about the lady troll I’ve been running into lately who scowls at people trying to crowd onto a train. “Consider the next train why dontcha?!” she snaps with her nose scrunched in disgust and her little troll hands clutching the railing.

I could share how frightening it is to ride the metro with an upset stomach, two ginger ales and a barf bag. But I’ve written about my barf bag before. And I’m just thankful I have one now.

The truth is, I’ve been trying to block the commute out of my consciousness. Even though I still do it [almost] every day, I’m trying my darndest to not let it get to me. I even play solitaire on my iPod.

At least the tourists will be leaving soon.