I’m reporting live from a train pulling out of the Vienna station to bring you an urgent message:

I just encountered a nice person. In the morning. On the metro platform.

I know you’re thinking that breed doesn’t exist and that crowded rush hour metro stations tend to be an every man for himself situation.


I was standing close to the edge of the platform waiting for the next train while a crowd gathered behind, around and far too close to me. After a few minutes I looked up from my Thomson Reuters app to find that the crowd had shifted to the other side of the platform and that a train was arriving there rather than right in front of me.

I resigned to the fact that I would not be getting my ideal seat (it’s the perfect one for reading or sleeping) and made my way to the back of the eager, impatient crowd on the other side of the platform.

Then the man in front of me turned around and offered me the space in front of him, just on the edge of the platform. I briefly wondered if I’d inadvertently stepped on him or cut him off or did something to make him want to push me on the tracks. Then he said:

You were in the front before… if you’d like to move up. It’s dog eat dog out here, you gotta be on your game sometimes!

What a nice man. I declined politely, stating in jest that he earned his spot and he should enjoy it. But the whole thing just made me happy.

The sunshine and need to take off my jacket was also a huge bonus.

And I still got my favorite seat, which it turns out is good for reading, sleeping, and blogging.

Happy Thursday