I feel like bucking the norm and going in reverse order,so mishap first:

Truth be told I’m having a hard time calling this one a mishap for a variety of reasons, none of which I can manage to verbalize at this time. I’ll call it just another metro-related unfortunate event that nearly sent me flying to my death.

Okay that was a bit of an exaggeration.

I was jogging up the escalator at the Dupont metro Tuesday morning at my new, increased, nearly heart-stopping pace when I looked up to see the top in close sight and felt a twinge of relief and accomplishment. Almost as soon as I completed that thought, the metro gods chuckled and decided to spite me.

By screeching the escalator to a grinding halt.

Thankfully I’ve begun making the wise decision to keep one hand free for handrail grasping, because that was my first successful survival move. Then, I had lurched forward mid-step with enough momentum that I was able to skip a step and land safely above the one that was threatening to trip me mercilessly. That was success number two. Then I looked back down at the vast stretch of escalator below me to make sure that everyone else was still upright, which they were, though they looked frazzled and perterbed to now be stranded in the middle of a giant, immobile escalator. But I made it off the dying beast with little further injury, and I count this as a third success.

Oh, and it only stopped, it didn’t rapid reverse (thank you for showing some restraint metro gods) so I count that as a fourth success of the morning. I have to take what I can get, alright?

I count this post as part one in a three-part series in the hopes that a cliff hanger will encourage me to come back to post again soon. In the name of keeping a 2010 resolution, stay tuned.