My Monday morning metro ride was just rudely interrupted by a very nice man in a pin stripe suit who would not stop talking to me. I unfortunately left the house this morning with no reading material and had to look intently focused on my phone.

So he chooses to use my phone as a jumping off point for a 30 minute dull conversation about Google v. Apple, Verizon v. AT&T, Ohio v. DC. I thought I was making it clear that I did not care to continue to talk with him. I answered politely but curtly, but short of saying “please stop talking to me,” what was I supposed to do?

He was one of the more normal, nicer strangers I’ve spoken to on the metro, so I continued politely, curtly answering his questions until he asked my name as his stop approached and handed me his business card. There was a gold embossed seal above the classically stamped “Department of State” which he proceeded to tell me was 24k gold. No no, he’s just kidding.

He shook my hand and told me to have a good Monday, and a good week at that probably because he wasn’t sure he’d see me again this week… go figure.

Must go to the library soon for a new book and resume habitual use of the stranger-blocking ipod.