I started this blog to get my constant inner commentary into writing. I commute from the burbs into DC every day to work (in Dupont) and sometimes the things I see and the predicaments I get myself into make me laugh out loud. Literally – LOL.

I usually call and share the joy with friends who can only be entertained so much over the phone. For the real story behind the birth of this blog, see my first post, creatively entitled, “You should start a blog.”

For a visual (I love visuals), here are some of the places I see every day and usually reference in my posts:

thecircleThis is the Dupont Circle. It’s a “city park” in the middle of a traffic circle. But actually it’s this fountain – which was dry when i took this picture because it was December – surrounded by some sidewalks, some benches, some trees, and plenty of squirrels.


unionstationtreeThis was the Christmas tree in the grand hall of Union Station. The only time I ever walked through the grand hall while commuting was during Christmas, because the decorations were so pretty. The part I actually walk through is what I imagine “the other side of the tracks” to be like.

*I would like to mention that I took the picture of the Lincoln Memorial at the top of this blog – I did not steal it from Google Images.


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